Yes. Any contractor that you choose to undertake your project will pay Attollis an introduction fee. This enables us to provide the service to you free of charge.
No. The service is free and is without obligation.
No. The contractors that we introduce to you will have to compete against each other for your business making the quotes you receive very competitive. Using a recommended contractor from our panel is likely to save you money.
No. We carefully select contractors from our panel that we believe are the best for your project and introduce them to you.
No, Your details are kept strictly for your project. Please refer to our privacy policy.
We are constantly assessing our contractors to ensure they meet all of our (your) requirements. Due to this, from time to time our panel may change.
We have a pool of contractors and will endeavour to find the best and most suitable contractor, able to meet your timeframe.
Please refer to our What we do page.
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